Aug 27, 2014

let them enjoy their victory

and another thought on Hamas...

Hamas is declaring a victory due to the terms of the latest truce.

Considering what they have to go back to - the destruction, the rubble, the tragedies, the death, the injuries, the people they are going to have to face and answer to, and mostly, again, the sheer level of destruction and rubble Gaza has become - they can have and enjoy their great victory...

if it would have been a real victory, it would at best be a Pyrrhic Victory... but because it is not a real victory but a propaganda victory, I wish them much happiness in reveling in their victory...

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  1. The immediate goal of Hamas was to fire rockets but not be wiped out. They did both.

    Israel still has no effective cure for Hamas' tactic of hiding key leaders and military installations and materiel in/near hospitals and the like, because Israel is still not ready to disregard the presence of human shields.

    Essentially, the umos ha'olam have contrived to make Israel too timid to win.

  2. The "umos ha'olam" are a weapon that Hamas has learned to use very well. Another victory like this and we won't have a state anymore.

  3. I don't see any reason to wish them to enjoy their celebrations, after they have disrupted our lives for the last 50 days. I only wish them happiness with the 70 virgins they will be blessed with in heaven, and pray it will happen soon.

  4. I second Meir. I think it is absurd to wish them happiness. They not only disrupted the lives of everyone in the country and Jews in the world, but they have left scars on many people and caused much economic damage.
    Beating them means having them surrender, or wiping the leadership out. It is not so hard to find out where they are, and invade, in order to make an increasing choke on that area. Sending the civilians away, cutting off electricity to that area and waiting for them to come out of the ground. They really did make fools of us and proved that the best army in the area cannot win. This 'new' war has been around for over 10 years, and we did not win it and continue to convince ourselves that we cannot win.


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