Aug 18, 2014

turning Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority

one fo the ideas being discussed in the ceasefire negotiations is turning over the control of Gaza to Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (a.k.a. Fatah)... or control of the border crossings...

I am not sure why anybody would think that is a good idea. When Israel originally turned Gaza over to the Palestinians it was to the PA. Hamas overthrew them, then got elected, and then killed plenty of Fatah people.

I am not sure why anyone thinks turning Gaza over to Abbas today would end in a different result.

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  1. This is one of the issues in which we continue to delude ourselves. Since we can't go to war against the Palestinians, it's not politically correct, we had to find the highest common denominator and that was the tunnels. part of the package deal is to single out Hamas. We all know that the Zionist Israeli-left is fully on board with the war - against Hamas - because Hamas ruins their romance with doing 'peace' with Abu Mazen and the 'moderate' Palestinians, even though we know that Abu Mazen is also 'not a partner'.

    Hamas certainly has to be put down and certainly also Fatah. Peace is not made with enemies but with another side that wants peace, something we do not have in this generation, and for sure not in the coming generation either.

    So we must continue to take down the leadership that continues to encourage violence until enough of the Arabs understand that they are not getting anywhere. We must not be afraid of 'what might replace Hamas' and ceratinly, it is not for us to decide. We already made that mistake when we brought the PLO from Tunisia against the wishes of the local Arabs. The PLO/FATAH are crooked and corrupt. The people wanted Hamas not perhaps because that was seen as less worse than Fatah.

  2. you are correct. I heard Yopssie Beilin on the radio the other day and he was talking about not negotiating with hamas and Israel shouldnt be in Egypt talking to them. it was surprising and the radio host asked aboyut it and he explained how Hamas isnt the proper address and they have to be blocked out and dismantled, etc but he said the PA has to be given authority in gaza.

    unfortunately he didnt explain how that would happen considering they already were given that authority and lost it to Hamas.


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