Aug 27, 2014

information for joining search parties on Wednesday morning for Aaron Sofer


I just got word from the Sofer family contact... 
they need 300 people in the morning to join search teams.
People can go to Har Herzl and be there by 8am, or alternatively from other parts of Jerusalem there will be buses leaving at 7:30am - from kikar Zevhill (on Shmuel Hanavi), from Kikar Belz, and from Kikar Vizhnitz (on Ezra street) - if any of those places are more convenient.

If you are able to join, please do so. 

He told me they have the unequivocal support of Rav Shteinman, and as the police said they need people, people should go. 

Do not bring suit jackets and black hats, if you normally would. Bring sun hats, sunscreen, lots of water, cellphone and spare batteries if possible, and appropriate dress and footwear.

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