Aug 28, 2014

yeshiva to be built in Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem

I am in favor of Jews living wherever they want in the land of Israel. Sometimes that takes risks, but they should be allowed to if they are willing to take those risks.

Despite that, one has to worry that this just is not going to end well...

In an uproarious session in the Jerusalem City Council, an allocation was approved for construction of a yeshiva, in a building 9 stories tall, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The session was not well attended by members who would oppose the proposal, so approving the allocation was relatively simple, if uproarious. Only 2 councilpeople voted against - those from Meretz, because others who would also have opposed it were just not present.

Councilman Aryeh King expressed his satisfaction with the vote calling the opposition by Meretz to be racist in nature.. King also said we will Judaize Jerusalem, strengthen its security and establish yeshivot for people to learn Torah in, and bring the children back to the borders...
source: Haaretz

As I said, I approve. I just worry it wont end very well...

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  1. Woody Guthrie was a commie through and through. This Land is Your Land was actually his rebuttal to God Bless America!


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