Aug 19, 2014

new cinema in Jerusalem to open on Shabbos near Old City

The Shabbos wars in Jerusalem might be back.

A new cinema is scheduled to open in September, in Jerusalem near the Old City. The new cinema, Orlando Cinema, will be open on Shabbos.

Considering how all movie theaters and other businesses opened on Shabbos, especially in Jerusalem, get fought tooth and nail, I find it especially interesting that this time they are saying they have to fight it due to its proximity to the Old City, to the Kotel, and to Har Habayit (I heard someone on the radio talk about how close it is to Har Habayit). As if without its proximity to the Old City they would have no problem with it being open on Shabbos.

They are waiting for the owners response and hope he will respond to their requests to keep the cinema closed on Shabbos, but if not they are prepared to protest and will also work through the iryah to try to get it closed on Shabbos.
sources: Kikar and Ladaat.

It seems there is also concern that if this new cinema successfully stays open on Shabbos, it might reopen the issue for Cinema City in Jerusalem

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