Aug 26, 2014

Haredim upset about intelligence level of Home Front videos (video)

the Haredi askanim are upset that the Home Front (Pikud HaOref) has released these customized videos for the Haredi community. They contain instructions for what to do in the event of a siren. The askanim think the videos are childish and at a level far below that of an intelligent community. Releasing videos like these is demeaning and is an insult.

personally, I looked ta few other video clips, made for the general public, and they dont look to be that much more intelligent. So I wouldnt say the Home Front is singling anyone out as being less intelligent - either they think everyone has minimal intelligence or they have minimal intelligence.

The big difference is that in the general ones they direct the viewer to the Home Front website and tell the viewer how to get the information off the website. In the Haredi videos, no Internet is allowed, so they have to go through all the instructions in the video.

whats funny about these videos, especially the family one, is that it is a family, holding a family meeting, with no mother.

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  1. What's even funnier is that they assume that the Chareidi viewers won't be visiting the Pikud Ha'oref website, but will somehow manage to see the videos on Youtube.

  2. If I were to make only one video of potential life-or-death importance to convey instructions to a broad, unselected public - I would have to make it so that everyone can understand the first time. In other words: lowest common denominator.

    Remember: half the people out there are of less than average intelligence. ;-)

    Seriously, do we think that Israel (or maybe just Bnei Brak) is populated only by a bunch of gaonim? The more intelligent or informed can be grown up, get over their insult, and learn what is being communicated to them. Those less capable shouldn't miss out on potentially vital information just to assuage the proud egos of the others.


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