Aug 25, 2014

updates regarding Aaron Sofer's disappearance

There is not much information available to the public yet, though the situation has improved a bit. a few more articles were written today about Sofer's disappearance. Some of it was as a result of the Facebook group we started. We let some journalists know about it and they saw it is a story. Others probably saw articles appearing and did not want to be left  behind.. so we have some improvement.

I do not deal in rumors, so I will only be posting information I have confirmed and know is true, as of this writing.

There were conflicting reports about the status of search parties for tomorrow. There were news reports that said the police are shutting things down because they have decided Sofer is not in the forest, and there were other news reports that said the police and Zaka would be expanding the search parties tomorrow.

I checked with a close relative of Sofer involved (some relatives know as much as anybody else, while other relatives are more involved and more up to date with the info)... he confirmed for me that the police and Zaka will be sending out search parties from the Har Herzl staging area starting at 6:30am.

This relative did not know and was not able to confirm anything about the statements that there will be additional search parties in other parts of Jerusalem. There might be, there might not be - he was not aware of any information about that.

If you can volunteer some time tomorrow, go to har Herzl and join a search team.

Another point - the family has offered a 100,000nis reward for anyone providing reliable information that leads to Sofer's whereabouts.

If you can volunteer some time tomorrow, go to har Herzl and join a search team.

If you cannot go volunteer to search, please daven for the hasty recovery and health of Aaron ben Chulda.

in addition, here is an article about the family's comments regarding the progress of the search.

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