Aug 28, 2014

Proposed Law: keep your distance from bikers

good news for bike riders!

In a law proposal that is supported by MKs from across the political spectrum, automobile drivers would legally have to be more careful when passing a bicycle in the road.

According to this law proposal, on an intercity road, a driver would have to stay at least 1.5 meters away from a bicycle when passing. On local roads the distance drops to 1 meter away.

The authors of the proposal explain that there has been a sharp upswing of  cyclists getting injured from cars.
source: NRG

bike riders should love this news. I regularly hear from cyclist friends how dangerous road biking is and how frequently they nearly get hit...

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  1. How on Earth is this going to be enforced?

  2. Well, now they can give the next driver who kills a cyclist a ticket.


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