Aug 14, 2014

preventing an intermarriage on Sunday night

An organization that works to prevent intermarriage in Israel, להב"ה - למניעת התבוללות בארץ הקודש, has publicized that there is an intermarriage between a Jewish woman and an Arab man scheduled for this coming Sunday evening in Rishon Letzion.

Lehava posted the wedding invitation online, on their Facebook page, and announced that they are making efforts to stop the wedding from happening, and will go to the wedding with signs and protest.

They have also since posted that efforts to talk to the Jewish woman and her family have not helped.

One of the issues Lehava mentions is that this wedding is not taking place in an Arab village, as it has in the past, but is in the heart of an Israeli city... this is a step up for intermarriage.

According to reports, the women has converted to Islam. She has said she wont be stopped and will even post security at the wedding to ensure nobody makes any trouble.

Many people are calling Lehava out for racism. Typically they use accusations such as sinat chinam, besides for saying they are racist and the like. I am not sure sinat chinam has anything to do with trying to prevent an intermarriage.

While the wedding invitation makes it look like the parents are a part of thsi wedding, the father has supposedly said he opposes it and wants her to marry jewish. He said he will not attend the wedding on Sunday night.
sources: Kikar, Haredim10, Kooker, INN

if you've got nothing to do on Sunday night, you might want to head out to Rishon Letzion.....

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  1. And thousands of people are supposed to show up and protest?
    What's the point - is this going to break up the shidduch?
    If the girl has embraced Islam, is this supposed to make her want to be Jewish again?

  2. from my reading of a few articles it seems there are two objectives.
    1. to break up the wedding, even if not likely
    2. to protest the chilul hashem

  3. Forget about all the name callings (stupid PC) and continue the great work of stopping this shmad in EY. It is sickening and such a chilul Hashem. What a stupid mother! Could be that the mother is not genuinely Jewish and her real neshama is coming through. Both the physical (wars) and spiritual decline is getting worse by the day, r'l. Jews must wake up and start demanding, these chilulim cease!

    1. If the mother's not genuinely Jewish, then it's not an intermarriage, so why worry about it?

    2. This is no better than throwing stones and yelling "Shabbes!"

    3. tesyaa: mother not genuinely being Jewish means she doesn't have a Jewish neshama and mainly, this will likely set a precedent for others to continue on this same path. Being lax about these vital issues is what causes more of this to occur. Your attitude and that of Shaul's all with a 'no care; attitude allows for these outrages to continue and for the leadership in Israel to believe that they can get away with anything. They already show the State isn't Jewish anymore.

  4. Are you going to protest every chillul shabbos? Every issur ervah? All the avoda zara? Why is this a red line issue?

    1. Guess it's a red line issue because it's the first time, apparently, that such a disgrace has taken place publicly within Israel proper itself; usually, these girls are 'kidnapped' and brought to where the arabs occupy Israel and marry there.

  5. Wake up people. If you think we left assimilation behind in the west, then it is creeping up on us here in Israel. It's happening with non-religious, and yes, religious and Haredi girls as well.

    @ Anonymous August 17, 2014 7:42 AM Not accurate. You see, the girls go willingly, but then their life falls apart later on, so no kidnappings involved.

  6. will a protest do anything? I doubt it. her father has pleaded with her. she already converted to Islam. she looks pretty set in her decision.
    what can influence her? I have no idea. But I doubt a protest will succeed after her family did not.

    but this organization focuses on intermarriage. They will protest because that is what they do.

    we always say, even if it does nothing else, the chilul hashem needs to be protested.

  7. The problem with this protest, as Shaul B has already pointed out, is that it is no better than yelling "Shabbes" at a car driving on Shabbat.
    Just as the car driver is not going to say, "Oh my, this guy shouting is right; I will leave my car here, and sit around in Jerusalem until I can drive back to Tel Aviv on Motsaei Shabbat;" no one involved in this wedding is going to say, "Wow, they are right; Jews and non-Jews should not marry. We'll call off the wedding now!"

    Jews who are so detached from their Judaism as to decide to drive on Shabbat or to marry a non-Jew, needed Jewish education when it counted; so that it would not fit into their lifestyle to do these things which are alien to Jewish tradition (violating Shabbat is an Issur De'Oraita; while marrying a non-Jew is not acceptable in Jewish tradition, though debated among the Poskim if it is actually an Issur De'Oraita, and is certainly not as severe an Issur as violating Shabbat).

    While there may be Chillul HaShem in the fact that a person from a Jewish family is willing to marry a non-Jew; I fear that the Chillul HaShem that an anti-marriage protest will cause will be greater.
    In my opinion, this is likely because of the type of people who are likely to come to such a protest. They are very likely to be hotheads who will incite violence (or perform it), and thus cause Chillul HaShem, and then "Yatsa Secharo BeHefseido".

    It would be much wiser, in my opinion, to concentrate efforts in reaching out to these type of people before they find non-Jewish candidates for spouses. At that point such people may be able to learn enough about Judaism to see why it just doesn't make sense for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.

    It doesn't matter whether for this particular couple the non-Jewish member will be pleasant and respectful of the Jewish member of the couple in the long term, or whether he will cause such anguish to the Jewish person that she'll want out of this relationship soon; at the present time, they are both sincerely intending to be married, and any violence at a demonstration against their marriage (and, apparently, there have been threats of violence) will certainly make a Chillul HaShem besmirching the Jewish ideal of marriage (for Jews with other Jews, and for non-Jews with other non-Jews).
    If someone needs saving afterwards, unfortunately, that will have to be dealt with then.

    Therefore, since some of the people organizing the demonstration appear to have been involved in violence in the past, and since many participants in such a demonstration are likely to be people who will tend toward violent protest; I advise people not to attend the demonstration, and I advise the organizers to cancel it, and to invest their efforts in more productive methods of preventing intermarriage.

    Catriel Lev, Ramat Bet Shemesh

    1. Couldn't agree with you more, Catriel.

      I wonder if people who think this is a good idea have really thought about the implications of living in a society where a private wedding can become the object of a mass protest because a segment of society does not approve of the wedding. Maybe most of us reading this blog disapprove of mixed marriages. Maybe that makes this protest seem OK. Or maybe we should be thinkiing a little more carefully about the future of a society in which a private wedding becomes the business of a collection of self-appointed zealots for whatever reason.

      I suppose we could find justification for this in the Torah, specifically the story of Pinchas. We could also find justification in the Torah for killing the men and selling the women and children of our enemies into slavery, as some of our cousins in the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq seem to be doing. Maybe that "good, old time religion" is just what we need. But I seriously question whether we should be going down this road, and whether we should be so quick to turn our backs on the benefits of living in a civil society in which people's private lives are allowed to remain private.

  8. The KKK used the same reasoning when they protested blacks and whites mixing.

    Good company you guys keep.


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