Aug 18, 2014

Vinter instructs soldiers regarding female singers

in the story that just won't go away.... Yesterday Givati Commander Ofer Vinter gave instructions to his soldiers regarding an upcoming performance by the IDF singing troupe. The troupe is made up of a mixed group of singers - both men and women.

Vinter instructed his religious soldiers that when the troupe will perform, they should not leave the performance. Not even "by mistake". Vinter said there are plenty of people just waiting to get even one picture of a soldier walking out. Whoever has a problem with the female singers, should just lower his head and wait it out. Vinter said he has seen many great rabbis sit through a performance of female singers, and they do not get up and leave. Vinter requested their tolerance and patience and does not want them to get involved in these problems. He even said he suffered enough over the past week because of this issue...

So, does that mean Vinter was a "good guy", i.e. someone who does not rock the boat, all along and was vilified with no justification or was ahe really the "bad guy" he was made out to be but has he caved to all the media pressure?

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1 comment:

  1. If he was a 'good guyl', he would just excuse all the religious boys from staying or not even attending the performance and telling by them in advance, he very well knows that would be the answer to such a problem. No, this is just an example of how slowly (or not so slowly) trying to implement this coercion on the religious, because the end goal is the deJudaization of the military and Israel itself. Seems like a sinister agenda.


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