Aug 31, 2014

AM:PM trying to open first branch in Ashdod, on Shabbos

AM:PM, the famous supermarket chain in Tel Aviv that has caused many fights for flaunting the law and being open on Shabbos, wants to open its first branch in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod.

AM:PM operations on Shabbos in Tel Aviv has led to lawsuits by the small markets associations for unfair competition, as they cannot afford the fines, yet are being forced to work on Shabbos just to compete and they therefore lose their day off. AM:PM operations also led to a Haredi [sort of, never actually official] ban on other supermarkets owned by the same owner, Shefa Shuk.

Now AM:PM wants to open in Ashdod, on Shabbos. The local Haredim are upset, understandably. I am sure the other small market owners are also upset.

The owner of the property is himself a religious Jew who keeps Shabbos. His response to the complaints against him is that he is against chilul shabbat, but he is against coercion

It seems just a few hundred meters away there are other businesses open on Shabbos. The Haredim say there are businesses open downtown, but not in this area, which is right opposite City Hall.

The mayor says he is looking into the issue.
source: Mynet

Personally, I am just going to wait for the first Kassam or Grad rocket to hit the new AM:PM building so we can hear about how it was hit due to its chilul shabbos.

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