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Nov 9, 2010

Dennis Prager on The Middle East Problem (video)


  1. Excellent. Logic and clarity.

  2. This video is not truthful.
    in 47 Israel may have said that they accepted the borders but they executed Plan Dalet where they immediately began ethnic cleansing, even by massacre.
    In 67 it was Israel that attacked and has admitted it since. Nasr was protecting his borders, but the troops were not anywhere sufficient for an attack, and he was a good general. In fact, the Israeli attack on the American Ship USS Liberty was an attempt to cover this up and perhaps blame it on Egypt, similar to the Lavon Affair, an attempt to sway foreign policy away from Egypt and towards Israel. It was duplicitous. Much like this attempt at myth-making.
    Referring to all countries is the middle east as "Arabs" without actually representing opinions of Palestinians wrong. Palestinians wanted undivided territory and offered to share the whole land, not to cleanse it but full equality for both people. That is represented as "the refuse to recognize any Israeli or Jewish state". Such black and white drawings really fail to show the truth. And it's ugly. Of course you've had all of your life to explore this history, and yet here you are. I don't expect any honesty now. There will never be peace until a good portion of Israel accepts it's part of the responsibility for the problems. Palestinians are not the new Nazis, and they weren't responsible for the holocaust, but they have paid dearly. Honest is the first step.


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