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Nov 15, 2010

The Newest Chumra

If you thought that the "Burqa Ladies" had already gone way to the extreme and had found every possible chumra that never existed, think again.

Bechadrei is reporting that even the Burqa Ladies, who are already completely covered up, have found a new chumra. They are beginning now to add to their dress code woolen gloves to cover their hands as well, and the young girls have to wear it as well.

A Mother In Israel tells me that Bruria Keren, the founder of the burqa ladies movement and their main rebbe, and the one who was convicted of serious abuse of her children along with turning an eye and allowing incestuous relationships to go on among her children, had already been wearing such gloves, so this is nothing new.

That may be so, but if the report is correct, they have no made it a mandatory part of the cults dress code.


  1. I guess the good news is that if they keep adding layers they will melt away next August.

  2. this is obvious ... טפח באישה ערוה!!

  3. I can't seem to find it now, but what I recall is that Keren's followers wore gloves that covered their knuckles--not the whole hand. There was a line about Rebbetzin Kanievsky or someone who had said that the knuckles are beautiful and the woman interviewed said that she realized her own were too.

  4. yes, knuckles are extremely attractive, just like knobby knees and elbows..

  5. Does anyone know if Bruria Keren is still locked up? Mother in Israel was being kind to her by her description; the woman is a psychopath


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