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Nov 30, 2010

Women Smashing Televisions (video)

There is some crazy campaign going on to sell televisions. This one is a bit more aggressive than the one bundling a sheep with a new tv set.

This campaign is getting women to smash their current tv sets, and then the husbands will go out and buy new ones. At least that is how I understand it. It does not really make much sense to me.

They got a bunch of women who are upset that their husbands watch too much sports, and they have these women surprise their husbands by coming out and smashing the television to pieces. The participants in the campaign all get new televisions, but people "at home" who try this are going to have to go out and buy a new one.. The article in Globes about this does not really say what the point of the campaign is, so I am assuming it is to get them to buy new television sets.

During the time they don't have the tv, they benefit from having a relationship again, and "finding" their spouse. And then the new tv comes a few days later, and I assume that at that point things just get back to normal.

Very strange, though the creators of the campaign say this is the most bold advertising campaign ever produced in Israel, and perhaps the most creative. I would say not creative but destructive.

Especially interesting is that he says they researched the best way to smash television sets. They didn't want explosions and injuries, so they had to figure what type of televisions would work the best in such a campaign, along with what type of hammer, and how to hit the television. The research was done by watching Amnon Yitzchak clips of smashing televisions. I wonder what he would think if he knew that his methods were observed for the purpose of buying new televisions.

They planned everything, and kept the husband in the dark about it so he would be surprised and shocked. And the rest is about to be history, as the campaign is about to air.


  1. I saw the story as well and it smells of a hoax to me. It doesn't add up. If it has caused such a "buzz" on the web as they say and was on morning TV, then how come no-one seems to have heard of it? Anyway the whole article is quite obviously word for word from a press release. Methinks that the campaign is to pretend there was a campaign and get everyone excited... How much did Globes get paid to run the ad I wonder?

  2. the article points t a facebook page and group that was used to generate interest. It says the campaign is about to start and air. maybe most havent heard of it because it hasnt yet been running/


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