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Nov 16, 2010

A Sheep With Every Television (video)

Need an appliance? Maybe a washing machine, or a new refrigerator? Or maybe a sheep?

An electric appliance store in Tiberias created a new promotion, targeting their Muslim clientele in advance of an upcoming holiday - if you buy a new appliance worth 8,000 NIS, not only do you get a beautiful new appliance, but you get a free sheep thrown in!

I think it is a great deal. Unfortunately, the animal rights activists moved in claiming to be ashamed by the degradation and primitiveness of such an offer. They got in touch with the authorities and had it shut down and stopped. I am not sure why, as long as they were treating the animals well I see nothing wrong with such an offer.

According to NRG, the manager of the store said the campaign was very successful - "today alone we gave away 8 or 9 sheep, with one customer even spending nearly 20,000 NIS! We opened a pen in the parking lot under the supervision of the Health Ministry, and everyone was happy." I guess not everyone was happy.

The Daily Telegraph even picked up the story...


  1. What do you mean Muslim clientele? Wouldn't the Rafi G. household have room for such a thing to replace the goose A"H? :-)

  2. I would have loved to have taken advantage of this deal, had I known about it before it was shut down and if I had needed a new appliance.

    Jews were probably allowed to participate, but the concept was targeted at arabs. they buy sheep for their holidays. jews usually go to the supermarket and butcher shop.

  3. Yeah, but the supermarket and butcher shop are not as cool as shechting your own.

  4. They were probably trying to get a hold on the Samaritan buying public.

  5. I like how the guardian makes sure you know it's aimed at the Arab MINORITY.


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