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Nov 10, 2010

The Mir Yeshiva Teams Up With The Eida HaChareidis

The administration of the Mir Yeshiva in Meah Shearim (Beis Yisroel) has been working recently with the Eida Hachareidis people on a new project. This idea would be to shut down all the food establishments (it is probably a bit of a stretch to call them restaurants) in the area of "The Mir" every night at 11pm.

Bechadrei reports that according to a source in the Eida, the initiator of the idea was "The Mir". In addition to that, there has been an increasing number of complaints from local residents about the late night noise.

They are preparing to send a joint letter to all the local food establishments telling them they must close nightly at 11pm. There is a delay while they debate what to do with Thursday nights - make it an exception and allow them to remain open until midnight, or to make them close Thursday night as well at 11pm.

The source in the Eida said that any establishment that refuses to comply with the new rules will be shut down. Either by people not going in to the restaurant (i.e. a ban on the place), or using "other methods". "Every possibility is being considered."

Thursday night in Mea Shearim without the 2am cholent? This will be a churban of the yeshiva system and is a clear change in the mesora. I am not sure who gave them a hetter to make such a serious change in the holy mesora of the yeshiva system and bring in new hanhagos, such as no food after 11pm which might encourage the young men to even go to sleep early!

Without access to the local late night hamburger or pizza, will these young men venture out, chas v'shalom, to pastures farther out, like - gasp! -  Ben-Yehuda and Jaffa Road?

Implementing such a plan can be a very dangerous proposition. I hope they consider all the ramifications of such a decision.


  1. The source in the Eida said that any establishment that refuses to comply with the new rules will be shut down. Either by people not going in to the restaurant (i.e. a ban on the place), or using "other methods". "Every possibility is being considered."

    Really? And sane people question why we should be boycotting these Neanderthals?

  2. This shows yet again (like the Egged bus article below) the dissonance between the askanim and the real world. Haredim of the world unite and overthrow the tyranny of the askinim!

  3. @Menachem, they sound sort of like an organized crime family!

  4. Mark - I was thinking it seems like paying for "protection", but the opposite.
    They just announce what they want and everyone else has to play along or be run over.

  5. If the guys in the Mir are supposed to be supporting Klal Yisrael with their learning, I would hope that they are all in bed by 11:00 to make sure that they are on time and alert for Shacharit in the morning.

    If they aren;t supporting Klal Yisrael in thsi way, they may as well go to the army (now there's a good idea - free trip to Bakum for anyone late to Shacharit)

    If the Eida is involved in the plan, why do they have to imply that they will use "other methods".
    Surely withdrawing their Hasgacha would force a food establishment to comply.
    Without the Eida's Hechsher could an establishment survive in the Mir area (I know that there are other "Mehadrin" hashgachot, but I think that theya re less accepted by many than the Eida and/or the Eida could get them to join he campaign.

  6. Rabbi Sedley - perhaps that is what they mean by "other methods"..

    also, I know the Rubin hechsher has made serious inroads in the geula and mea shearim restaurants. I dont know about the area immediately in the vicinity of the Mir, but it is possible there are restaurants with hechshers other then eida.

  7. Rabbi Sedley - I dont think that demand that they be in bed at 11 is justified. I would have no problem if guys are staying up late at night learning. Also, people, even yeshiva guys, are human and need some downtime. Some boys go to bed reasonably early, and some hang a bit at night and still can function just fine by day

  8. To Michael: you should visit the Mirrer beis hamedrash on both Thursday night (try at 2am) and Friday morning for Shacharit. Your comments simply show a lack of understanding and knowledge of the powerhouse of Torah (and Tefillah) which is the Mir. You have to experience it to understand it.

    To the rest of you: while the ends certainly do not justify the means - the goal here (allowing residents of Beit Yisrael to sleep and ensuring an early end to shuk Mir) is a good thing. You should try and see the half full cup sometimes - it really is not as bad as the half empty cup.

    Rafi's astute friend.

  9. Anon: The goal is perfectly legit. It is a problem that arises in many places were businesses are in close proximity to residences. Especially businesses that support students. (It doesn't really matter if they're yeshiva students or college students.)

    The issue hear however IS the means. In normal, civil society one would expect there to be a dialog among the parties without bringing in outside goons who threaten to resort to "other methods".

    And with all due respect to those who would like to give the Eida the benefit of the doubt, their track record makes quite clear what "other methods" means.

  10. Menachem: Again, I disagree - the story is not the means. The story is the unprecedented agreement between the yeshiva and the eida to shut stores by 11pm for the benefit of both the yeshiva and residents.

    An off-the-cuff comment of an askan at the Eida (who may or may not have been authorised to make a statement) is simply not the story. You choose to make it the story to serve your own viewpoint.

    I am sorry for you that your cup is half-empty. If you were living in Beit Yisrael, I am sure it would be at least half full.


  11. Rafi, Thanks for offering Smicha, but "Rabbi Sedley" is my brother, I'm just plain old "Michael".

    And Anon - I agree with you that a large percentage of the guys in Mir are serious about their learning and Tfilla, and I'm sure that several are learning well past 11 pm, however my point was that in all large yeshivot there is a significant minority who are out "partying" at 11 pm - I think that it is these guys that the campaign is targetting.

    If they claim that their learning is contributng to Klal Yisrael the same way that army service is, I would expect them to take their learning at least as seriously as a soldier takes his responsibilities.

    Soldiers don't have the luxuary to "hang out" after 11 pm - most are exhausted and are trying to get a few hours sleep before their next shift.

  12. Anon - While your comment that "the story is the unprecedented agreement between the yeshiva and the eida to shut stores by 11pm for the benefit of both the yeshiva and residents" certainly has merit, what I think irks many people is the "extremely precedented" fact that these two groups made this agreement seemingly without the input of the most important participants of this arrangement: the stores themselves.
    I don't think you would hear a single peep from anyone against this arrangement if ALL affected parties were part of this and agreed to it. However, when the shop owners are presented with a fait accompli to "close or BE closed" - yeah, it's gonna rile up some folks.
    After all, it's nice that the cup is half-full, but it easily could/should have been completely full.


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