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Nov 19, 2010

You can now Like the Yated Neeman, even if you hate it!

The leader of the fight against alternate newspapers, even alternate frum newspapers, and especially against the Internet, even haredi internet sites, has been the Yated Neeman.

Lo and Behold, even the Yated has now "gone online". The Yated now has a Facebook page that you can "Like".

While some suspect that this was created by somebody external from the Yated system, looking to create a broch for the Yated, the quality of the daily images of the daily newspapers seem to indicate that this is being managed internally by someone within the Yated system who has access to the high quality images of the paper.

Head on over to the Yated Facebook page and Like it, even if you hate the paper.


  1. Facebook needs a "dislike" button now more than ever!

  2. The page takes you to the wikipedia page for Yated. No options for comments. Authentic Yated style.

  3. Even better.

  4. Yerachmiel - not sure what you mean. The link I put up goes to the Facebook page..not wikipedia

  5. Zvika - that is the American Yated. No connection at all to the Israeli paper.
    As bad as the US version of the Yated might be, it does not compare at all to the Israeli version.

    The Facebook page is putting up images of the Israeli newspaper.

  6. Soon to come...Chadash

    With a VERY DISLIKE button

  7. http://www.facebook.com/Yated.Neeman#!/profile.php?id=100001274904338
    This picture is not very tzinuis to say the but apparetly this person enjoys reading the yated. Now if I were the yated I would take down this page.


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