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Nov 9, 2010

Ridding The Knesset Of Vile Politicians (Hanegbi)

This morning, the courts announced their long-awaited decision in the Tzachi Hangebi corruption case. Hanegbi had already been acquitted of most of the charges against him, but was convicted on charges of perjury.

The decision today was regarding whether the conviction would include moral turpitude or not. The decision was to include moral turpitude. The ramifications of this decision is that Hanegbi must resign from the Knesset immediately and is unable to return to the Knesset for 7 years.

(if you are like me and never knew what the word "turpitude" meant until the English news sites used that word as the translation for "kalon", here is the definition from dictionary.com:


  [tur-pi-tood, -tyood]  Show IPA
vile, shameful, or base character; depravity.
a vile or depraved act.

Origin: 1480–90;  < L turpitūdō,  equiv. to turpi s base, vile + -tūdō -tude
1.  wickedness, vice, vileness, wrongdoing. )

It's about time. Hanegbi has always been a repugnant politician. Even when he was a right-wing Likudnik. When he changed over to Kadima, nothing about him really changed other than that he showed that he was always an opportunist and was always just positioning himself according to what he thought would best get him ahead. Though even when he was in Likud he was vile and disliked, but he was one of the "kingmakers".

These crooked and vile politicians need to be removed from the Knesset (hopefully the building would not be completely emptied if they actually did this), and people with ideology and dedication should be encouraged to take the reigns of the country.


  1. People with ideology and dedication will never run any country because people with selfishness and ambition will always push them out of the way.

  2. Vile politician? Is it something like white snow? Or wet water?

    Or I am thinking about something else...


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