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Nov 23, 2010

Interesting Posts #225

1. Umbrellas On Shabbat

2. (deleted)

3. Chabad And Mashiach

4. Another Reason For Making Aliya

5. Why Circumcision Is Not Barbaric For Ortho Jews

6. The Large Rabbi

7. The Shul On The Hilltop

8. The Unfolding Kollel Scandal


  1. Rafi, why did you delete the shaatnez story link?

  2. I was given information regarding the source of the story (not JKN, but beyond that) that raises questions as to the veracity of the story.

    I am not interested in researching it, but I dont want to be a part of either side in the fight (especially one side if it is true), and therefore took the link down.

    I am not publicizing what I was told because I am not bothering to try to verify it. I am just not interested in being part of this issue.


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