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Nov 30, 2010

If You Prefer English You Will Pay More

The city department of developing cultural events for the haredi public, called Agaf Che"n Charedi, has put out a booklet of events sponsored and subsidized by the city that will be taking place during Chanukah.

The booklet contains all the events with all the relevant information: location, price, date, etc. Some of the events have both a showing in Hebrew and a showing in English.

Interestingly, there are two films for women that are going to be showing, each with a time in Hebrew and a time for an English showing.

If you pay attention, for both of those shows, the Hebrew show has tickets selling at 30 NIS per ticket, with the option of buying 4 tickets for 100 NIS, yet the English show has only one option of tickets selling for 40 NIS each, and no discount for multiple tickets.

I wonder why they are charging more for the English than the Hebrew event. Especially if the event is subsidized by the city - why should there be a difference of price? Are they assuming the English speaking crowd is wealthy and therefore they can get away with charging them more?

It seems discriminatory to me.

Or maybe it is just standard fare - I have this theory that if you call any service provider that specializes in the anglo community you will probably be paying more for the service call than if you called an Israeli service provider who does not focus on the Anglo community. Perhaps, if my theory is correct, this is another manifestation of the same issue.


  1. I found the same thing with Israeli driving manuals. The English version was more expensive than other translations.

  2. A related issue: An Artscroll Gemara with the Hebrew pirush cost less than 100 shekels, while a comparable volume in English sold for more than 250.

    It pays to learn Hebrew!


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