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Nov 14, 2010

Stephen Colbert: Michelle Obama's Embarrassing Handshake (video)

With the recent debate among rabbis in Israel about whether a man can shake hands with a woman in a professional/business setting, this clip by Stephen Colbert about the Obama trip to Indonesia, with Michelle Obama's handshake flap, seemed timely

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Michelle Obama's Embarrassing Handshake
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  1. Is this really such a new issue?

  2. I am sure that stephen cobert can poke fun at many Torah laws - such as covering a woman's hair with a shaitel, and basically all laws of modesty, or even touching in a non business setting, or kissing a married woman as is done in goyish society as a sign of freindship without thinking twice. THings which have no halakhic heter. Bosor b'cholov and shatnez Could also be prime targets. Stoning for removing rotten apples from a pile on SHabbos (even if the punishment is just on the books and almost never l'maaseh)

    shame on you for identifying with and promoting the anti-Torah point of view. It is sad that you are more western than Jewish in your outlook.

    at least you still keep the TOrah despite it going flat out against your veltanschuang. hergel is a very powerful force.


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