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Nov 28, 2010

Interesting Posts #226

1. Choir of Khal Adath Jeshurun Sings At Senior Center. This post is a series of video clips. Here is one for your previewing pleasure, head over to the original post for more clips:

2. JFK Assassination: Security Detail Speaks Out

3. A Victim of Abuse Writes In

4. J-Music And Angst

5. You Cant Even Buy A Shteller

6. Anim Zemiros

7. Seforim Selling

8. Jeter Negotiations: Paying For Past Performance

9. Ami And Olameinu


  1. Thanks for the linkage.
    I hope people come by to see the rest.

  2. What exatly is a "shteller"?

  3. I dont know the exact translation of the word, but it refers to a position, a job as a rav of a shul or community.


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