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May 8, 2012

Did Avraham Fried Make It Up?

Hassidic singers rarely write their own lyrics. Most songs in the "hassidic music" industry are composed of psukim or midrashic phrases.

On Avraham Fried's latest album, "Keep Climbing" there is a song called "Kach Es Sheli" - Take Mine. As an aside, I mostly enjoyed Fried's newest album. Avraham Fried is a very talented singer and he put a lot of heart into this album.

In "Kach Es Sheli", Fried sings about how he knows that the third beis hamikdash will not be built with stones, rather with tears. And if all that is needed is one more, take mine.

Now, I never before heard that the Third Temple would be built with tears. The most common discussions regarding the Third Temple generally revolve around whether it will be built by man or if it will descend from heaven in fire. Tears? Never heard of it.

OK. So I thought the song was strange, but chalked it up to artistic license. I figured he was being emotional and singing about tears of prayer, people praying for the Beis HaMikdash, for the Jewish people. Or perhaps he was quoting from a source I was not familiar with. Either way, I never get too connected to music and the meaning of lyrics, as I am not a very musical person. the song was strange, and that's it.

Interestingly, a group of administrators of a seminar in Bnei Braq went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky to discuss this song of Avraham Fried's. They asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky about the source of the lyrics of the song, "Kach Es Sheli". Their question was if there is a source for such a statement, that the third Beis Hamikdash will be built from tears, perhaps some lesser known midrash, or did Fried or some philosopher make it up with no source?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky's answer was that there is no such midrash saying such a concept.
(source: Bechadrei)

I still say so what. Artistic license. Should Rav Kanievsky's time have been wasted to discuss this issue? Probably not, but why not? Had he identified a midrash or other source we would have said it was worth it.

Anyway, I think we should look at this as a challenge. Someone should pass along the message to Avraham Fried that it is his turn to step up and respond. Rav Kanievsky just said you made it up, let's hear your side of the story..

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  1. For what it's worth, I believe these are the words from the theme song in Avram Fried's 'No Jew will be Left Behind' album:

    "Together as we CRY, look to the sky, and you will see a Beis HaMikdash BURNING, waiting to descend.....and NJWBLB"


  2. I think its not an old Medrash but maybe he was referring to Mordechai Ben David's song Daddy Dear where it says
    "Tears of pity from his eyes, in this cup, sadly flow
    till one day when it's full, all our troubles will go"

  3. I don't know about that exact concept, but there are similar concepts. For example:

    כל המתאבל על ירושלים זוכה ורואה בבנינה

    and from Berachot 32b:

    וא״ר אלעזר מיום שחרב בית
    המקדש ננעלו שערי תפלה שנאמר גם כי
    אזעק ואשוע שתם תפלתי ואע״פ ששערי
    תפלה ננעלו שערי דמעה לא ננעלו שנאמר
    שמעה תפלתי ה׳ ושועתי האזינה אל
    דמעתי אל תחרש

  4. what does it matter if he "made it up" or took it from a pasuk? why does anyone care? It's artistic license at worst and he never makes a claim that it's all from tanach.

  5. I dont care. never did. as I said, its fine by me for it to be artistic license. but now I am curious.

  6. These words is from a chassidic sefer and not a medrash or a made up thing, mIf Reb chaim didnt know about it, it's probably because he doesn't know too much chassidisher seforim!!!!! BTW Avraham Fried doesnt just make up things

  7. R shlmo carlebach sings this on a early album...

  8. B"H

    this article answers it all


  9. Avraham Fried responded to VIN regarding the origin of the lyrics in question:


  10. Chatan Sofer - See http://ohr.edu/1089


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