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May 31, 2012

Facebook Infidelity Affects Divorce Settlement

A recent divorce in Israel was settled based on the spouse's Facebook activity.

Ynetnews is reporting on a divorce case in the Rabbanut in which 6 months after marriage the wife discovered that he was corresponding with women on dating sites and on Facebook to the extent that she insisted on a divorce.

After arguing back and forth with nasty accusations going each way, the wife's attorney brought out the Facebook straw. the straw that broke the camels back. The attorney pulled out correspondence the husband had been having with women on Facebook and these other sites proving his infidelity.

The rabbinical court saw that and accepted it as proof and admission on his part. They ruled that he had been caught with his pants down and ordered him to pay her damages to the tune of 150,000 NIS.

I imagine the correspondence must have included not just flirting or inappropriate chat, but must have discussed details of an actual physical relationship. I don't believe that just flirting would be enough to justify the rabbinical court decision.

2 lessons:

  1. Facebook is not private. If there is something you don't want the world to know about, or even just one person, don't put it on Facebook!
  2. Don't cheat on your spouse! (it's not really a lesson from this story specifically, but still..)

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  1. I know...let's have an Asifa to protest this from coming about!

  2. neither is email or twitter or sms, even if you think that you are protected with your password

  3. Its bad that he's flirting with other women.


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