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May 21, 2012

Where I said Tefillat Ha'Shloh, and What The Shlah Really Wanted From You

Today is the day of the segulah that is probably the most popular in terms of sending out email reminders. The only one that comes close to today's segulah is probably the segulah of "Parshat Ha'Mon"  for parnossa that is said on the Tuesday of Parshat B'Shalach. Today's segulah, I think tops that and is, by my count, the top segulah in the sense of how many email reminders and postings (such as this one) that are sent out.

Today's segulah is to say the prayer written by the Shlah Hakadosh for parents on behalf of their children. The segulah is to say this prayer on erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. I actually said the tefillat ha'Shlah today while on Har HaBayit - while one cannot bring prayer books up on Har HaBayit, cellphones are allowed, and I was able to access the "Tefillat HaShlah" easily with an Internet connection. Yes, there is reception on Har HaBayit. Take that, Asifa people!

I think that this segulah is such a popular one, with so many email reminders being sent out, postings in shuls, on websites, downloads, announcements, etc. just shows how concerned we all are for our children. I hope it is not indicative that so many of us are having trouble raising our children on the path of Torah, rather we are concerned and aware that we can always do better and ask for that help and guidance.

access the tefillah of the Shlah

I just want to point out that while it is popular to say the prayer as it was composed by the Shlah, there is more to his instructions than just saying the prayer. The Shlah wrote:
One should daven a lot that he should have children who are kosher, and all their needs and finding their soulmate should be from Hashem, and my heart tells me that the special time for this is on erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. That is the month in which the Torah was given and that is when we were called "children of Hashem". It is appropriate to sit in fast on that day, both he and his wife, and arouse themselves to repentance and they should mend all the issues in the house that need mending - kashrus, impurity, etc. and they should give charity to proper poor people. And if possible, the husband should fast a "Taanis Hafsaka", but at least the fast should be a full fast with all the rules of a public fast day.
(Note: a taanis hafsaka is a 6 day fast beginning on Saturday night immediately after Shabbos has concluded and continuing until the following Friday night)

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  1. I thought that I could get away with just giving 180 NIS to Kupa Shel Tzedaka.

    You mean I actually have to do something myself?

  2. I like what Lema'an Achai sent out:

    No promises, no yeshuos..just a link the tfila:

    Today is Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. There is a beautiful custom to recite the Prayer for Children of the Shlah HaKodesh.

    We won't promise salvation for donating to Lema'an Achai after saying the tfila however we do know that you will be giving tzedaka on the highest level and that is certainly a great thing!

    Here is a link to the Hebrew and English prayer:



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