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May 17, 2012

Unusual Daf Yomi Audience

I was driving home from the airport last night and was listening to a radio program on Radio Kol Chai. The program was a call-in show with some rav. After a few calls discussing various topics ranging from how bad the internet is to the Russian goyim who were brought to live in Israel, a woman called in and said something that floored the host of the show.

After introducing herself, the host Rav Turetsky (I think) aasked what she wants to talk about. She started off complimenting the radio station for the daf yomi shiur in the morning. She said she listens to the daf yomi shiur  every day on the radio while she does some chessed program. He was floored. He was shocked and kept repeating, "you listen to the daf yomi every day?"

It was an interesting conversation to hear...

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  1. They'll have to close down the shiur daf yomi. Makhshilim et ha rabot....

  2. just to give you an example of how extreme this radio show host was, and therefore understand how shocked he was..
    when I turned on the radio, he was chatting with some rav or rosh yeshiva and he turned the conversation to the topic of the internet asifa, because this rosh yeshiva has experience dealing with kids harmed by the internet.
    The host would not say the word "internet". he says davar ha'nora, reshet tiskshoret, and some other words. The rosh yeshiva had no problem saying "internet". Also, the host screamed out that we must make it known that anybody with a computer is not "from our camp". whether its kids or adults. You are not from our camp!

    And then this lady calls in and talks about listening to daf yomi every day... i got a good laugh..

  3. I will not be surprised if someone does call to close down the radio (as well as the Internet) because it is forbidden to teach an apikorus or women and there is no way to put shomrim on the doors of the virtual beit midrash.

  4. At the beginning of the Day Yomi cycle, in response to a question on the Modiin List about Daf Yomi options I posted a link to an on-line Daf Yomi shiur.

    At the end of Brachot, i female friend called me up and thanked me, she said that posting the link inspired her to take up Daf Yomi and she was now finishing her first Massechet.

    No wonder the "Gedolim" are against the Internet (and Radio), even the "frum" sites can be used for nefarious purposes.

  5. I believe that I heard of a women's Daf Yomi Shiur in Bet Shemesh (Sheinfeld neighborhood, I think) about a year ago.

    Just saying...


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