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May 20, 2012

Interesting Posts #382

Interesting Posts #382

There were some more good and interesting posts about the "Asifa", but I decided no more. At least not until after it happens. I am tired of hearing people talk about what they assume will and will not happen at the Asifa, and am willing to wait until whatever happens and then discuss that.

Here are some (unnumbered) sites with unique pictures in honor of Yom Yerushalayim...

1. Ancient Coins Found At Tel Shiloh

2. The Mission of The Jewish Museum Of Natural History and A Baby Monitor

3. Jerusalem During 19 Years Of Jordanian Occupation

4. Pictures from the Zionist Rabbi Conference - I only recognize a few. I wish someone would have captioned the photos with the names..

5. Google Measurement Of Rabbinic Influence

6. The Politics Of The Open Shul Window - this is a problem in any and every shul... and not just in shuls, but in offices, on buses, in public buildings, and wherever people congregate.

7. A Historical Sampling Of Jewish Areas Recaptured

8. Judaism Of The Future

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