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May 28, 2012

Interesting Posts #385

Interesting Posts #385

1. What's The Deal With These Protesters?

2. JPost's List of 50 Most Influential Jews, Mostly Trivial - I disagree. While there were some that seemed surprising and not deserving of being on the list, and definitely not as high as they ranked, just because one disagrees with many of the people on th elist does not make those people any less influential.

3. 10k and 401k

4. Coming Together For Shavuos

5. Haredi, Like You and Me

6. A different sort of mother of a soldier

7. Rebbetzin Kanievsky's Favorite Tips

8. How One Israeli Changed His Mind About Judea and Samaria

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  1. Rafi, sorry, but I had to change the post to this one me-ander: Mother Talk, Israeli Style.

  2. I just realized that you included two of my posts. Thanks


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