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May 16, 2012

Interesting Posts #381

Interesting Posts #381

1. BlogDM posted about my post regarding the question to Rav Kanievsky about Avraham Fried's lyrics. Here is a great comment post with more music questions for Rav Kanievsky.

2. Today's Date

3. Help Chai Lifeline

4. Save Up To 20% on your 2012 Summer Electric Bill

5. Internet Asifa posts: Schizophrenia, Cosmic IMbalance, The Great Gathering, Reflections

6. What Killed Hats, and Why Haredim Still Wear Them

7. Giving Tzedaka To Freeloaders

8. Artscroll is Frummer Than Rashi

9. this link was removed by request

10. Yosef HaTzaddik, The Asifa and Yom Yerushalayim

11. When Do You Stop Saying Tehillim?

12. Minhag Is Important, but..

13. Times of Israel posted an article about the US Congressman who commented that Sharon and Arafat Must Do More For Peace. Then came Arafat and Sharon's Letter in Response along with Joe Pitts Is Right, Arafat and Sharon Must... -  a hilarious story with hilarious responses...

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  1. Hey Rafi,

    I'm not an anonymous student of Rav Benayhu, and I will tell you that Rav Benayahu has not said those things regrading redemption ect.

    He has repeatedly told anyone who would ask(and I can get you in to see him if you would like) that these are untruths being told in his name.

    He has repeatedly communicated to the blog owner his desire for his name and that of his Yeshiva be removed from those blogs, because they do not at all reflect his views or teachings.

    I am reaching out to you to do the same here, because honestly this is a serious genivat hadaat.

    The Rav said that while he hopes that Geula will come quickly, even tomorrow, he is not aware of any time table other than that given by our sages that it should happen within 7000yrs.

  2. Chaim Grossferstant the Bray of Fundie thanks you for the link to The Citifield Asifa and the Cosmic Imbalance

  3. Rabbi Tzadok - I removed the link. Kol tuv.

  4. Rafi - The first letter of #9 is still a link.

  5. You missed these: So far, SoMeHoW Frum has all the vowels aside from "u" regarding the Asifa:

    O link
    E link
    I link
    A link

  6. I wasnt doing an asifa roundup. I would have had to post a thousand links, most of them boring and repetitive


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