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May 24, 2012

New Segulah: Lengthening The Skirt

Mynet has a piece on a lady in Jerusalem who started offering a service to any girl who want to lengthen her skirt, to be more tznuah, that she would do this for her. She keeps a database of seamstresses available in different areas, and takes care to ensure that any girl interested will be able to get her skirt lengthened.

The woman created this service after she found herself recuperating in the hospital from a terrible illness by which she says she nearly died. She then committed that if she would recover she would start such a gmach.

This is a wonderful thing she does for girls by offering this service. I have seen such services offered before, but they were always localized. A specific seamstress was offering to lengthen hems. This woman is making it into more of a project.

But that is not what interests me. The story is not all that unique.

What interests me is two points:

  1. she says she went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky to get a letter of support and his blessing
  2. Rav Kanievsky supports her initiative and said that women and girls who lengthen their skirts will be able to see blessings, by which in merit of those blessings they will find their proper zivvug - soulmate.
My thoughts:
  1. She did not need a psak for this, she just wanted his support and blessing. I am always amazed that people who are doing a good thing need to go ask a rabbi first. if it was something morally questionable, I could understand. But when doing something that has no bad side to it, what's the question?
  2. We are now going to see a new segulah develop. Any girl looking for a shidduch is going to start lengthening her skirts as a segulah to finding her match. 
  3. What if a married woman wants to lengthen her skirt, be more tznuah? What bracha will she receive from this, and what outcome will result because of it?

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  1. Good questions, I guess you could say married woman will have the zechus of getting rid marry of of their daughters easily.

  2. Please don't confuse asking a question about permisibiilty, and asking for a bracha/endorsement to get more business...

    They are completely two different things!

  3. some people actually hold that a skirt is immodest if it is too long...

    1. Thank you. I thought the ankle length skirts that DL girls wear are considered immodest.

  4. yes, so let's assume she is not making the skirts too long. just longer

  5. This is really a great segulah because conventional wisdom is that "derech hatevah" is exactly the opposite - that shorter skirts bring more success in finding a zivug.

  6. Shmilda - very funny :)

    True, its a good thing. The question is if it is worth the time and effort in establishing and maintaining such a gemach

  7. Why is this a good thing? This is exactly the mentality that creates Burqa babes!

    For example, a woman is already wearing a skirt down to her ankles and the sleeves her baggy shirt down to her hands, but she wants the "new" seguala. She has to add, and add, add, and presto you have a nutacase covered head to toe!

  8. it does not say she is forcing anybody, nor does it say she is pressuring women to change their skirt length. she is providing an easy service for people who want it. I have absolutely no problem with that.

    And you suggest someone with an already long skirt is just getting more extreme, but think of it the other way - a woman with a skirt that barely covers her knees decides it is time to cover a bit more, and now she has an easy way to do it without going out and buying a new wardrobe.

    1. Oh come on Rafi. You call something a "Segula" and you stamp it with R Kanievsky's name, it's like putting out fresh donuts for policemen for the head in cloud crowd They absolutely lose their free will in situations like this! And the woman with the mini-skirt doesn't need to be duped with some superstitious mumbo jumbo. If anything, and that's a big "if", she should be explained the details and FULL parameters of the Halacha and allowed to make her own decision. IF at that point you want to direct her to this "gemach", fine.

      But really, haven't we here it Bet Shemesh had more than enough of this insane overemphasis on "Tznious" to be calling this nonsense a "good thing"???

  9. This is why I decided to wear wide pants under my skirts. That way *any* length is just right. And no quibbles about how many "denier" my stockings are. Best of all, no one mistakes me for haredi.


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