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May 31, 2012

Unfiltered Internet? Passul l'Eidut

Anybody out there from Monsey who can possibly confirm this, or give more details of what happened?

Without providing details, the blurb says a rabbi in Monsey invalidated a witness from witnessing a wedding last night due to the fact that he uses unfiltered Internet...

If you know anything more about this, I'd be curious to hear some details..


INN now has more details about what happened. The rav who did this was Rav Avraham Zvi Wosner, av beis din of Satmar in Monsey and grandson of Rav Wosner from Bnei Braq.

He based his actions on his grandfathers psak from the "Asifa" last week that internet is completely assur and kids should be thrown out of schools, shidduchim should be disqualified and the like.

Especially interesting about this is that after Rav Wosner's psak at the Asifa, he toned it down in Israel and a pashkevil was put out in his name with less stringent rules about use of Internet. An article yesterday explained after speaking to a grandson that what he had said at the Asifa was really his opinion, and he spoke live to avoid being told what to say, while askanim pressured him to tone it down after the fact and they came out with a different set of guidelines as published on the pashkevil in Bnei Braq.

(It turns out that Rav Wosner was more machmir for the people of America than he was for the people of Bnei Braq).

It seems his grandson did not accept the retraction and clarification and prefers to follow the original psak, as per hsi understanding that that is really what his grandfather holds.

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  1. At first blush I wouldn't accept it as true. On the other hand, considering all the other nutty things we read about day after day...

  2. reread the post. I just added updated information

  3. Okay, so it's just another nutty thing we read about day after day.
    So questions:
    1) Assuming having a smartphone disqualifies you from eidus, do we retroactively apply this to all weddings conducts everywhere since the Asifa?
    2) If we catch a ger with a smartphone, do we retroactively revoke his conversion?
    3) How come the Chareidim get to make up idiot laws and the Open Orthodox don't?

  4. Chutzpahdik ... if his grandfather changes the psak, he has to abide by it!

  5. In all due respect, this asifa issue concerns whole lot of hypocrites [note: I did not say that they are all hypocrites, just a whole lot of them]. Our Sages have taught us to beware of those who appear to the world as so 'religious'...English Me'am Loez on shemini spells it out concerning the chazir. Secondly, talk about a waste of money and, even perhaps, chilul Hashem in the eyes of the world...
    when people are righteous, and the world doesn't like them, it appears more like Daniel and his friends...Avraham, and the like...not like this non sense.

  6. Thought experiment: Let's say man were to be mekadesh a woman, and the eidim were found to use unfiltered internet. The woman, prior to nesuin, then marries another man. Would Rav Wosner (the grandson) consider the first kiddushin pasul, and the children of the marriage to be non-mamzerim?


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