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May 16, 2012

New Rules At Mir Yeshiva

The Mir Yeshiva is a very good yeshiva. That does not even need to be said.

Being such a large yeshiva, though, perhaps the largest in the world, it does have it's problems. The Mir is so large that it cannot contain itself in one building, in one beis medrash, in one dormitory. The students are spread out throughout the neighborhood in rental apartments, in small shuls, in small batei medrash, etc. In such a large place it is easy to get lost, and for anyone who wants to it is easy to fly under the radar. Truth is that this is true in any yeshiva or institution, and small places have other problems.

In the past, pretty much anybody could get in to the Mir. Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel had the policy of giving everyone a chance, not shutting the doors of Torah to anybody. Something had to be pretty serious for a by to not get accepted to learn in the Mir Yeshiva.

According to this report on Bechadrei, things are changing in the Mir. The new rosh yeshiva, Rav Lazer Yehuda Finkel, is cleaning the place up. New rules will clean the place up, make it less of an "ir miklat" (city of refuge) (that is my analysis, not what Rav Finkel said).

Among the new rules is a change of the acceptance policy. Rav Finkel will now be limiting the acceptance to about 50% of applicants. And, special mashgichim will be appointed to keep an eye on all new yeshiva bochurim joining the yeshiva.

Another new policy is the control over the apartments the boys rent out (for those who cannot get a room in the dormitory). The boys in apartments, just like the boys in the dorm, are not allowed to have various things, such as computers , "non-kosher" cellphones, internet connections, etc. Until now the yeshiva did not really have a way to check up on these boys, as they werent completely under the eye of the yeshiva system.

Now, special "bodkim" - inspectors, are being appointed to keep an eye on the  guys in apartments and look for forbidden paraphernalia. the yeshiva administration came to an agreement with the owners of the local rental apartments by which the yeshiva would be in charge of renting out the apartments to the boys on behalf of the owners. This gave them a certain amount of control.

It clearly was not enough, as according to the report, they have now added a clause to the agreement with the owners that will allow the yeshivas inspectors to enter any apartment at any time in order to check that the yeshiva rules are being adhered to. Now the inspectors will not just be limited to the dormitory, but will also inspect the rental apartments.

The old rules might have helped the yeshiva grow to an a amazing size. The new rules prefer quality over quantity.

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  1. Didn't something like this happen in Yavneh but the other way around?

  2. well since 2/3 of their student body will soon be either drafted or put into sheirut leumi, they can now start being picky.

    they'll really starting kicking out guys with an iphone????

  3. Once the inspectors roam freely I suspect it will become the a much smaller size Yeshivah in a matter of years instead of the largest.

  4. Seems like a reincarnation of an old debate between Rabban Gamliel and Rebi Elazar Ben Azariah on Berachos 28a. Rabban Gamliel only let people into the Beis Medrash who were "תוכו כבורו" - they had to prove their integrity. Rebi Elazar Ben Azariah opened the doors to many more Talmidim.

  5. There is no sign that admissions criteria will now be unreasonably stringent.

  6. I think entrance requirements should be even more strict. And every student should be tested with an eye to eliminating those who do not meet level of achievment. It can be similar to the grading system in secular schools like a minimal score above 70% on a test. At the end of a school year, anyone who averages less than 70% shhoul not be allowed back.

    In fact this should be the standard in every single Yeshiva in Israel. There are far too many slackers that are getting a free pass becuase they aren't tested. They can get away with not learning at all. And though the vast majority of students do spend the time learning, there are stories about some of them not learning a word and shmoozing away the day!

    Only then will it stop being an Ir Miklat and become the Makom Torah that a Yeshiva like Mir should be.

  7. perhaps testing is the way to go. I am pretty sure that if whatever arrangement is worked out includes a clause of a blanket pass for x number of "iluyim", it will include testing.


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