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May 29, 2012

Tzedakah Organizations Unique Fundraising Campaign

I have basically stopped commenting on the tzedaka organizations' various fundraising campaigns finding every remote segulah ever mentioned in the most remote seforim that have been out of print for hundreds of years and promoting them to get people to give money, and then the antics of where they will send a team of tzaddikim to daven for 40 days or whatnot. After a while the same complaints over and over again get kind of stale.

But now, one of the organizations has done something so unique, something I have never seen or heard of before, it deserves a mention.

I saw in one of the haredi papers regarding the segulah of saying the prayer written by the Shloh HaKodesh on erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan that one tzedaka organization came up with a unique idea. They collected money for the segulah like everyone else, promising to send a team of expert prayers to the grave of the Shloh (in Tiberias) and they would daven on your behalf in exchange for your donation of x shekels.

The next part is amazing. They went ahead and constructed a model of the grave of the Shloh, along with avreichim standing beside it wrapped in tallis and davening. I imagine it was all constructed from cardboard. They then put these models in some central places around town; the entrance to major shuls, around the shopping areas, and the like.

I imagine the idea was to raise awareness to their Shloh campaign, rather than to actually suggest that someone could daven at the fake grave of the Shloh.

But still. come on. Really?

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  1. Vaad Kupat Kehilla Shel Tzedaki Ha'irMay 29, 2012 4:52 PM

    Does anyone know if an organization posts a segula poster over the posters of another does it negate the powers of giving to that organization?

    Just theoretical of course...

  2. it depends. was the covered or covering segulah greater?

  3. Do you have pictures of the kever mock-ups?

  4. unfortunately no. There was one small picture in the newspaper, but I can no longer find the paper. it must have gotten thrown out already

  5. It was in Chadash..that bastion of journalistic integrity. Which is fitting for an organization that shares about as much integrity in its advertising.

    The more they talk about how different they are from Kupat Ha'ir, Vaad Harabonim, etc. the more I see the similarities.


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