Jun 26, 2012

Taanis Dibbur Prevents Home Birth Mother From Going To Hospital

In a ridiculous story, worse than ridiculous really as lives were in danger, a woman in Jerusalem refused to go to a hospital to give birth, or even after birth for examination and care, because she was in the middle of a taanis dibbur -  a speech fast -at the time of birth.

According to this report on Kikar, on this past Motzei Shabbos MDA and the police were called in to deal with a woman who had given birth earlier in the day but refused to allow herself to be brought to the hospital for care. Her husband called the authorities. he claims to not have been home at the time of birth, but at some point during the day he had come home and discovered his wife in the bedroom holding the newborn baby that was still attached by the umbilical cord.

They tried to persuade her to allow them to bring her and the baby to the hospital, but she refused to communicate with them.

They brought the rav who released her from her taanis dibbur and told her that it is a mitzvah for her to go to the hospital to be checked, but she still refused, not allowing the MDA team to examine her or the baby.

The police ended up forcing the situation and gave the MDA team an opportunity to check the baby, who was fine and healthy, and then she finally agreed to be taken to the hospital.

When she got to the hospital, she broke her taanis and thanked the MDA team.

All around weird.

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  1. Klal Yisroel Needs a Major RefuahJune 26, 2012 5:53 PM

    Is this really any worse than the "taanis dibbur" that rabbonim place on the parents of abuse victims regarding reporting?

  2. I'd be shocked if she was able to keep a Ta'anis Dibur while she was actually giving birth!

  3. Couldn't she just have spoken less than a shiur every 9 minutes?

  4. "Lives were in danger"? Really? Whose lives were in danger?

  5. I have no problem with homeborth, but it semes she did it without even a midwife present. As well, it seems they were there for a very long time without cutting the umbilical cord. The potential for a disaster was present. birth, even under the best of conditions, is a life-threatening situation. Thats why so many women, and babies, used to die in childbirth. we dont have those mortality rates any more because of the advancement of doctors, hospitals, and general medical care. When one forgoes that the level of danger goes back up.


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