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Jun 20, 2012

Ilan Ramon Represents Bad

A new aerospace center is being built in the Arab town of Taibe. The center is being built by the Ilan Ramon fund, in cooperation with the Science Ministry and the office for Economic Development in the Arab Sector.

MK Ahmed Tibi is upset and wants the name changed to not include the name of Ilan Ramon. Tibi says using Ramon's name is an insult to Arabs.

What Tibi does not like about Ilan Ramon is not Israel's attempt, through Ilan Ramon, to occupy outer space the way she occupies Palestine. That would really be strange.

Rather, Ilan Ramon was a fighter pilot who took part in combat in the Lebanon War and attacked Arab countries, such as when Israel bombed the nuclear reactor in Iraq, and having a center named after such a person is what Tibi considers an insult to the Arab community.

Science Minister Hershkowitz rejected Tibi's demand saying if he does not want it named after Ilan Ramon, they won't get an aerospace center at all.
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