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Jun 14, 2012

Headline Of The Day

Headline Of The Day

Barak vs Yaalon: His Office Is Unnecessary

  -- Ynet

DM Ehud Barak said this about Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon when explaining to the Comptroller  (reading: laying blame) the failures of the Israeli flotilla response. In essence, Barak's claim is that their is a lack of efficiency caused by creating multiple offices that are all meant to deal with the same issues - defense, strategic affairs and others. Barak said that basically Yaalon, and others as well, is just an adviser to the PM with the status of a minister, and that this was done to create a glue to the coalition..

Boker Tov. We all know that there is absolutely no need other than internal politics to have such a massive government of 26 ministers. Most of the ministers offices should be disbanded and the government should be streamlines. It is way out of proportion.

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