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Jun 28, 2012

Women Eulogizing Goes To Court Against Chevra Kadisha

If you thought the issue of women being allowed, or not allowed, to eulogize their loved ones was simply an emotional and sensitive issue, think again.

With the Moatza HaDatit, the Religious Council, having recently issued new instructions to the chevra kadishas of Israel instructing them to allow women to eulogize if they should so want, it seemed like the story was over. If a woman would get up to eulogize, the chevra kadisha would have to bite their lips and allow her to.

Turns out that it is an issue that is bigger than just emotions and sensitivity. It is now also a monetary issue.

Ladaat is reporting that a family just sued a chevra kadisha from somewhere in southern Israel  for not allowing the widow to escort the body of he rhusband to the grave, for forcing gender-segregation at the ceremony against the family's wishes, and for not allowing the daughter of the deceased to eulogize her father.

They sued the chevra kadisha for 31,900 NIS (I dont know how they came to that number).

The chevra kadisha's response was that it was not them, but it was the rabbi who insisted on all that. he does not work for them, they said, but was independent. According to the chevra kadisha, they have received the instructions regarding womens participation, and they act accordingly.

After testimony was received proving that the claims were true regarding the segregation at the ceremony and that the daughter had not been allowed to eulogize, the chevra kadisha apologized and took responsibility. They also said that they are renewing their instructions to all the rabbis affiliated with them to allow women to eulogize and be a part of the ceremony, should they want to.

The court granted the verdict in favor of the family and obligated the Moatza HaDatit to pay the full sum of 31,900 NIS.

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  1. The funerals and memorials at the Shiloh Cemetery allow women to speak.

  2. I think 31,900 is the small claims court max


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