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Jun 24, 2012

Interesting Posts #390

Interesting Posts #390

(sorry for the more than average amount of posts linked - its been more than a few days without a roundup, and they have been building up..)

1. Can We All Get Along?

2. The So-Very-Jewish Peter Beinart

3. Punctuality: Yekkes, Stereotypes, Minhag Ashkenaz, and Bein Adam Lachaveiro

4. Will The Real Stan Please Stand Up

5. Rav Mordechai Gifter on Kannoim

6. I Have A Filter On My Computer

7. Building A Shul With A Whole Lotta Love

8. The 2 Times Rebbetzin Kanievsky Lost her Cool

9. The Future of Israel According To The Israeli presidential Conference 2012

10. A Steamroller in Jerusalem

11. The Paradigm Shift

12. The Yek Wedding - I had a mostly "yek wedding", and I dont think it is as uncommon as Dov Ber makes it out to be. but he asks an interesting question at the end...

13. Too Funny For Words

14. What's the Point Of This Blog?

15. Peter Beinart and Zionism

16. The Ropshitzer Explaining Shelo Asani Isha - To His Wife

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