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Jun 28, 2012

"All Out War"

The details of the Plesner Committee's recommendation for the replacement to the Tal Law about drafting haredim into the IDF are still vague. What kind of sanctions will be applied if boys don't go to the army at the designated time - personal or communal on the yeshiva? What the exact numbers will be, etc.

According to Ynet, "Haredi elements in the Knesset" responded to their inquiry by saying that "if the revised Tal Law will include quotas and personal sanctions on yeshiva students "all out war will break out." The elements said that rabbis can issue halachic rulings against military service adding, "What will they do? Put in tanks in Bnei Brak?."

That being the case, I dont think anyone has anything to worry about. they are saying it will be an all out war... but since haredim don't go to the army, they wont be fighting in it... (humor, people, humor..)

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