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Jun 14, 2012

Quotes Of The Day

Today has been a difficult day for the Quote Of The Day. There were too many options of great quotes to choose from. So, instead of picking one, I am bringing you the top three that i foudn for today that i found provocative enough to qualify...

Quotes Of The Day

I was, by chance, on Chol HaMoed Pesach two years ago in Tel Aviv. I was very surprised. Chametz and Chametz and Chametz and Chametz. Is {Tel Aviv] Jewish? How many tons of gefilte fish must one eat in tel Aviv to that it will be jewish anyway? There is a squaring of a circle, and an attempt to square a circle or to circle a square. It cannot work.Among other things, why? Because we do not agree among ourselves what is a jewish State in the categorical sense. It is a noun, a word that should be descriptive, to make known what is the style of the country. So, I dont know. At times i asked people - is Tel Aviv a Jewish city?

  --- Minister Benny Begin


Unfortunately, when I turn on Channel 10 I see entertainment programs that deal with how nice it is to be gay. And they interview i a recorded session his mother, how unfortunate she is, suffering, divorced from her husband and her son is gay. I want to ask what happened to the chil at a young age when he was 3 and why they got divorced. I think most of the homosexuals are people who experienced a very difficult experience of sexual molestation at a very young age, and it deteriorates further....
Where does Channel 10 have the right to broadcast this type of a program? Content that my children might just happen to see. How nice and fun and cute it is to dress up in skirts.... So there is a request to cooperate with those gays, because they are unfortunate, those homosexuals. In the end they commit suicide at the age of 40, and it is the same people who want to be women....

  -- MK Anastasia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu)


The Haredi MKs made a mistake when they voted against the Ulpana Arrangement Bill. Gafni and Maklev actually supported the position that the Knesset cannot have its say - after any decision of the Supreme Court. When we come to the discussions about the Tal Law, the other side will remind Gafni about their opposition.

  -- MK (and director of the coalition) Zeev Elkin

(I wonder if Zeev Elkin is also planning revenge against his fellow Likudniks who voted against the bill...)

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  1. for all those people wh asked why the mafdal should support the chareidi position on the draft: elkin provided the answer very nicely.

  2. I wonder what the selling price was for the Haredi MKs to support YET AGAIN kicking non-haredi Jews out of their houses. If memory serves me, in 2005, the going rate was NIS 290 million. And I wonder if the robotic haredi voters are AWARE of what they are voting for when they vote in these haredim MKs yet again. If you ask the average haredi on the street, of COURSE he would oppose kicking out these Jews. But for some reason, they don't put two and two together.

  3. because the whole point of UTJ is fealty to the rabbonim even (especially?) when your opinion on a matter is different. Without that UTJ ceases to exist.

    So this style fits right in with the entire UTJ


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