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Jun 17, 2012

Burqa Lady released From Prison

It is hard to believe 4 years has already passed since this story was big. The woman known as "Ima Taliban" - the most famous of the Burqa ladies, Bruria Keren, who went to jail to serve a four year sentence for abusing her children, has today been released.

As you can see in the video below of her release, as she left the prison she collapsed. maybe she is weak from her restrictive behavior - she has poor nutrition from not eating well in prison along with being weak from the heat and being burdened with her layers of garments - maybe it was just the heat, maybe she just tripped because she cant see where she is walking.

She served her time for her crime, but she really needs mental care. Clearly prison did not fix her craziness (as prison rarely does) and she should have been required as part of her sentence to undergo some sort of psychiatric treatments...

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  1. Rafy - can you please do something to stop this horrible video starting everytime I go to your homepage??? Once is more than enough, thank you

  2. I think I fixed it. sorry for the delay. got lost in the shuffle


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