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Jun 25, 2012

Interesting Posts #391

Interesting Posts #391

1. Times of Israel Bloggers - are you getting paid? - the post itself raises an interesting discussion, and one ensued in the comments. It even was the impetus for the next interesting post...

2. Grace and Respect

3. Hummus Ice-Cream!

4. Pompous Insults: Treating Us Like Pawns and Furniture

5. What About The Children of Tomorrow?

6. Kinda Sucks Getting Your @ss kicked By Those Sworn to protect you

7. Visiting Judenrein Lands

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  1. Paula Stern appears mighty vexed at Antony Cordesman taking Yehezkel Dror to task for interrupting him while he was talking.

    I don't know about Ms Stern, and her two boys, but I educated my kids by the age of six NOT to butt in while someone else was making a point. It's plain rude.

    But, then again, perhaps I've been living outside Israel too long - or have I?

  2. Thanks for the link Rafi and glad yo liked my post :)

  3. i wonder if miss batya understands that her arab neighors are also people.


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