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Jun 25, 2012

Tomatoes Are Christian..

Did you know tomatoes are Christians? I wonder what is considered a Hindu vegetable, or a Buddhist one.. What about Jewish - which veggie is a Jewish vegetable? And what about Muslim? And is there a differenrce among Christians regarding their vegetables - I mean, is the tomato Catholic? What about Anglican? Episcopalean? Southern Baptist? Does each group have their own veggie?

According to the Facebook status update of the Popular Egyptian Islamic Association, tomatoes are offensive to Muslims because they are Christians. if cut a certain way they can show the shape of the cross.
(source: INN)

I don't know. You can go into prety much any restaurant in Israel and order a "Salat Aravit" - an Arabic salad, and it will be mostly diced cucumbers and tomatoes.

Funniest is this paragraph:
A writer for The Blaze categorized most news coming out of the Middle East as "intriguing, bizarre and unceasingly concerning," but said the forbidden tomatoes story "actually crosses into a comical sphere."
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1 comment:

  1. What, only now they're crossing into the comical sphere? They didn't see the story about the Mossad's shark?


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