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Jun 19, 2012

Women Go Home

As the ultra-Orthodox community continues to get more and more stringent, and restrictive, in what is considered acceptable behavior, the crazy gets crazier and more interesting.

The latest in the hyper-tzniyus craze comes from the Kiryat Belz neighborhood of Jerusalem. They have now hung up a notice in the area around the main shul directed at women. The notice tells the women that they should make sure to hurry home so as not to be outside in the streets at all when the men come out of shul, as the honor of our women, the princesses of Israel, is internal.
(source: Mynet)

The Belzers actually put to shame the Eida people of the Kirya Haredit of Bet Shemesh. In the Kirya of Bet Shemesh they only asked/demanded that women cross the street and not walk right outside the shuls, while Belz tells them to go home and get off the streets completely. It says a lot when one can actually outdo the extreme Eida community of Bet Shemesh.

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  1. I'm tellin' ya, there's money to be made if someone can create a way for humans to reproduce by parthenogenesis. That way these nutjobs can have an all-male society and eliminate their problems.
    Of course then we'll be kofrim for reproducing the natural way which creates females and they'll be assur min haTorah...

  2. If these people had JOBS, would they have time for this????

    1. I'll take it that you don't have a job either, otherwise you wouldn't have had time to read the post and comment on it. Or maybe you're the only one in the world who could both have a job and do other things as well. Please enlighten us.

  3. and yet people can't figure out where the idea of the burqa people come from?

  4. One of my Gentile neighbours here in Jersey (in the English Channel off the coast of France, not next to NY!) asked me a few months ago why I, an Israeli citizen and an observant Jew, do not return to my home land.

    If it was not so excruciatingly embarrassing I would show him this story as a very valid reason to stay put here.

    I may be surrounded by goyim, and I may have to fly my all kosher requisites in from London, but life here on this small island is a whole lot saner than in Kiryat Belz.


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