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Jun 26, 2012

Who Was Responsible For the Violence In Tel Aviv?

Interestingly, according to this report on News1 (Yoav Yitzchak's news portal), the police have information, including testimony, that the bank windows that were smashed the other day at the social protests in Tel Aviv were actually smashed by Sudanese migrants who had each been paid 400 NIS to smash the windows.

1. It could be a libelous charge to make the Sudanese look bad.

2. Assuming it is true, which was really my initial belief, I am impressed that even at a protest in which the protesters got violent, and clearly intended in advance to get violent, they still did not want to carry out the violence themselves and instead hired non-Jews to be violent on their behalf. What can I say - Jews just don't like to get their hands dirty!

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