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Aug 24, 2012

Denver Community Kollel - Heartbeat of our Nation (video)

Denver Community Kollel - Heartbeat of our Nation

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  1. What does this have to do with life in Israel?

  2. nice Jewish video. and interesting that a kollel turns to youtube for marketing...

  3. No offense, but this is embarrassingly bad. Awful lyrics, and even worse singing.

  4. Superbly well-done. Kollelim are growing, expanding and fullfilling an inherent need in every community. A kollel brings a passion, excitement, man power and NUMBERS to many out-of-town communities. Plus the community offers a Parnassa ($$ grants) to the couples who join. There are no jobs to be had in Lakewood or other large communities, so now the couples can use their talents, passion and knowledge to energize a community. After a 3-5 year kollel committment, many stay on in Denver, Houston, Cinninati, Los Angeles, Providence, Waterbury as baali batim. WIN WIN for all.

    Would be an excellent idea to have some Community Kollels in Israel!! I know there are groups who joined Moshavim, or live in center of Tel-Aviv, etc.. would be great to increase the man/woman power in big cities. Of course would need to keep them non political (ha, ha), non judgemental and non biased..... OH WELL!!


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