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Aug 22, 2012

High Speed Donkey Rides

On your next vacation, you might not need to give up your tech gadgets for the duration. At least, not if you go to Kfar Kedem's historical amusement park.

According to this item on Engadget, Kfar Kedem is outfitting their donkeys, or at least some of them, with wireless routers so you can enjoy your wifi while enjoying a taste of history. I don't want to know what the routers are plugged in to...
It's WiFi for your ass -- the animal kind -- and it's only available in Israel. Yes, as unreal and inappropriate as that proposition may seem, an historical amusement park located in the Middle Eastern country will offer tourists the opportunity to tweet, email and upload photos on-the-fly from the back of a burro. Known as Kfar Kedem, or Village of Yore (sounds exciting!), the unique attraction attempts to reenact life from the Common Era's First and Second centuries, albeit with a healthy dose of wireless internet. So far, only five of the village's 30 available donkeys are currently outfitted with routers, but park manager Menachem Goldberg's toying with an expansion to the rest of his "fleet." Sure, a biblical ren faire might not be your number one vacation destination, but if you're in the area, there's no way you can pass up this low-tech ride back in time.
Enjoy your connected vacation...

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