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Aug 15, 2012

Art, Shmart. Taking This Picture Should Be A Crime

Getty Images posted the following picture from yesterday's Nefesh b'Nefesh flight to Israel bringing 350 new immigrants. Of all the pictures posted by variosu media, organizations and individuals, this si definitely the most unique, and the strangest.

the poor kid should have called the cops on the photographer taking a picture of him at the urinals.... it just seems so inappropriate, and even criminal, to photograph somebody relieving himself, unless the person gave written consent (and in the case of a kid, he would need written consent from the parents).

art, shmart. photograph yourself on the toilet for art, not other people.

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  1. errr, why exacerbate the crime?

  2. And if it were an American flag (or a representation thereof), people would be up in arms...

    You're right. That is truly disgusting.

  3. It's an Israeli picture taken by an Israeli photo reporter, Uriel Sinai. It was one of 16 photos Getty got from him. Getty didn't publish the photo, it only posted them on their site that serves media with photos to buy. Much of the money goes back to the photographer, in this case Uriel Sinai.

  4. Why flaunt what's already a disgrace!

  5. express outrage, do what you can, even if minimal in nature, to fix our society.. definitely not flaunting it


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