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Aug 19, 2012

Proposed Law: Don't Feed The Animals

not the giraffe from kiryat Motzkin,
but worldwide problem
In a sad and unfortunate piece of news, a giraffe in the zoo of Kiryat Motzkin died after suffering from an intestinal blockage caused by ingesting plastic bags after having been fed from them by zoo visitors who then abandoned the empty bags.

The zoos all have signs up by the animal cages not to feed the animals. Often the reasons for these warnings are that the animals cannot handle the foods that the human visitors feed them, and at times it even makes them sick. Another common reason is so the zookeeper knows how much the animal has eaten and can feed it properly. if every visitor is feeding the animals, the zookeeper has no idea how much, or what, the animal has eaten, and how much it still needs to be fed. Despite the signs, it is very common to see people throwing food to the animals. It is probably the public's favorite past-time and activity when visiting the zoo.

The death of the giraffe is leading to a law proposal. From now on there might not just be a warning sign to not feed the animals, but you might incur a hefty fine for not heeding the warning.

In light of the death of the giraffe in Kiryat Motzkin, MK Yoel Hasson (Kadima) has announcing that he is proposing a law that would levy a fine of up to 5000 NIS to anybody who feeds animals in the zoos and parks.

Hason said that the unnecessary death of the giraffe, just like the deaths of tens of other animals each year in zoos as a result of being fed by visitors against the rules, requires a law to establish a fine that will deter and prevent such incidents happening in the future.

Let's see if he remembers to actually submit the proposal when the Knesset gets back to regular action... but if he does, you better control your kids (and yourselves) next time you go to the zoo....

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