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Aug 20, 2012

Israel Equipment On Mars

I think it is really cool that aboard the NASA Curiosity rover on Mars right now is a piece of equipment that is crucial to the mission that was made by an Israeli company.

According to Ynetnews there is a refridgerator on board the rover that was made by an Israeli company. This fridge is not for keeping anybody's beer cold (maybe if the rover wants to offer some hospitality to a Martian?) or meat fresh, but it is a special miniature cooler that is designed to reach very low temperatures. The purpose of the cooler is to keep a certain detector cold, at a temperature of minus 173 degrees Celcius (that's minus 279 in Farenheit), in order for it to function properly and identify Mars materials.

How did it get there?
According to Yedioth Ahronoth, in 2005, an American buyer approached Ricor seeking to purchase a few of the company cryocoolers. The buyer informed Ricor that the coolers were intented for a NASA research assignment to Mars.
"When it was announced that the Curiosity had landed on Mars, we contacted the buyer, who confirmed that the Israeli cooler was indeed in Mars. Everyone in the factory was excited. Our 170 employees were all very proud," Ricor's marketing manager Yoav Zur said.
Now some countries will probably accuse Israel of occupying Mars, by having Zionist equipment up there, and the Great Devil, America, for collaborating with the Zionists...

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